About Us

Founder: Deborah Labi

The concept for Have You Got (HYG) was born in 2016. Having faced the frustration of turning away hundreds of guests over the years due to lack of availability, lack of properties in desired locations, and the rest, I thought to establish a network dedicated to sharing and receiving these inquiries. Despite setbacks, including the impact of covid, HYG was revitalised at the end of 2023, seeing it as a way for property managers to not only help every guest inquiry, but to retain control of their business, connect with others and stay independent in a booming vacation rental market challenged by external rules, policies, algorithms and restrictive control by the online agencies.

Have You Got Local Ambassadors? ... We do!

Mahwussh Alam - Dubai, UAE

Mahwussh is a successful vacation rental entrepreneur known for her dedication to providing exceptional guest experiences. With a strong focus on customer service and leveraging technology she has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of guest needs, and ensures each property provides a unique and memorable experience for guests. Her emphasis on direct bookings, high-quality property presentations, and personalised marketing has earned her great reviews and a loyal clientele, setting a high standard in the vacation rental industry.

Anna Morris - Edinburgh, Scotland

Co-founder and Managing Director of The Edinburgh Address Ltd and Adore Scotland, Anna is an accomplished trailblazer in the tourism industry with a vacation rental career spanning over 15 years. At the heart of Anna's mission lies a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in both accommodation and service to guest and property owners. Her business ethos is sustainability and working with other local businesses and her business's core values are authentic professionalism, creativity, connection, and curiosity.

Daniela Derin - Marbella & Costa Del Sol

We can't cater to all sizes of groups here at Skol Apartments, so when a bigger group want to book, or want our help to find something, it's great that we share the guests with local villa managers. And it works the same in reverse too where we can accommodate the smaller groups that once booked a villa but want to come to Marbella again. The most important thing is that we keep the guests happy, offer them a great service and keep them in Marbella!

Melanie Kriel - Dolphin Coast, South Africa

In the wake of the 2022 flooding that endangered our community's appeal as a destination, we found ourselves with no other option but to collaborate. Despite minimal impact on our area, the looming perception of decline prompted us to join forces and amplify our social media presence, ensuring guests continued to visit. This strategy not only bolstered our resilience but also fostered a shared mindset among hosts. By exchanging referrals, we all prospered, showcasing that unity remains paramount for our success, both then and now.