This Code of Conduct (Code) forms part of the Terms of Service of the Have You Got Network and Users of the Network agree to be bound by its terms.

About The Code

  1. We provide access to the Have You Got Network (Network). The Network consists of Managers, Hosts and Owners (Managers) of holiday rental properties.
  2. This Code is designed to ensure that all Managers that use the Network interact in an appropriate and consistent manner.
  3. This Code may be amended by Have You Got from time to time in its discretion.

Code of Conduct

  1. Managers must use all reasonable efforts to remain informed of all relevant matters affecting the vacation rental industry in the place where the Manager does business, including all legal obligations of vacation rental Managers.
  2. Managers must not make any false or misleading statements on or via the Network, including in relation to any property offered for rental via the Network.
  3. Managers must not make any false or misleading statement, or make any statement that is unlawful, defamatory, or untrue in relation to any other Manager.
  4. Managers must not discriminate in any way in relation to the rental of properties made available via the Network, and in particular may not discriminate on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, nationality, or family status.
  5. Managers must use the Network in good faith and must not do anything that would bring the Manager, any other Manager, or the Network into disrepute.
  6. Managers agree to cooperate and share information in relation to holiday rentals and the holiday rental industry in good faith.
  7. Managers must act in good faith in respect of all property owners and Guests, and must treat all other Users of the Network honestly and fairly.
  8. Managers must not make any statement or make any act or omission that exaggerates, misleads, misrepresents, or conceals any matter in relation to any property offered for rental via the Network.
  9. Managers must perform their services diligently and to a level expected of competent Managers in the holiday rental industry.
  10. Managers will only advertise properties via the Network if they have express permission from the owner of the relevant property.
  11. Managers will conclude an agreement in writing with each Guest and will provide a copy of the agreement to each Guest for their records.